Royalty Free Stock Clipart by Holger Bogen

  1. Line of Colorful Green, Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red and Purple Houses on a Street Under a Snowy Winter Night
  2. Pretty Cobblestone Road Leading to a Village of Homes and Buildings in a Hilly Landscape
  3. Pretty Snowy Cobblestone Road Leading Through a Hilly Village with Colorful Buildings in the Winter
  4. Boats and People in the Harbor near a Mediterranean Waterfront Town with Colorful Buildings in the Background
  5. Quaint Cobblestoned Alley with Wooden Doors and Colorful Buildings and Balconies in Europe
  6. Haunted Spooky Halloween House at Sunset with Flying Bats, Bare Trees and Silhouetted Headstones
  7. Large Royal Castle with the Gate down for Visiters and Red Flags Flying from the Towers